Cioppino, the classic fisherman's stew from San Francisco.

Gianni’s North Beach: Cioppino – Christmas Eve Stew of Seven Fishes

We produce Gianni’s North Beach, a super local cooking show based in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. This video was shot handheld in his tiny home kitchen on a Sony FS700, but there’s some Canon 5d Mark III action if you know where to looking. Lenses used were the Canon 24-105mm L and the Canon 100mm Macro L. The set was lit primarily by 2 Linco Flora lights. Two-person crew.

This is what Gianni has to say about cioppino in his blog post:

Cioppino, the famous fish stew invented down on Fisherman’s Wharf by the immigrant fishermen from Liguria and Sicily is just the quick and easy dish I need for a busy day in the kitchen with the cameras rolling.

The local tale is that when the boats were all in a big cauldron was put over a fire to cook the tomato broth. After selling their catch, the fisherman one by one would bring whatever fish were leftover on their boat. They “chipped in” and the dish they all shared on the wharf got its name. More likely the name is derived from the classic Ligurian dialect for the fish stew found around Genoa,  ”ciuppin”.

We got to sample the finished product and as usual, it was delicious. No animals were harmed in the making of this video. Unless you count the ones we, uh, ate.


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