Keba Konte zesting an orange

Keba Konte zesting an orange in slow motion

Like most folks in the video biz, we love gear. We totally dig using sliders, rigs, follow focuses, fancy lights and all the rest to make our shots look that much more delicious. Plus, it’s fun to play – and to show off.

But it also takes time, space, and back strength. In other words, it can be a pain in the ass. Sometimes it’s nice to strip things down and make a shot work with a simple setup.

This video is a clip from an upcoming piece we’re doing on Keba Konte, a food entrepreneur in the SF food scene. We shot on location at one of his places, Guerrilla Café, in Berkeley. The space is small and the café was open while we shot, so, for the camera and lens, Jeff used the Sony FS700 with the trusty Canon 24-105mm f/4 and shot handheld. For the light, we used a $30 LED with a CTO filter that Gwen held. (You can see it slide into frame at the end of the clip.)

Unexpected things often happen with super slow motion. In this case, we knew to back light the shot so the oils could be seen flying away from the orange. What surprised us was the way the rind bits pulled loose and exploded off the fruit as well, which was only fully visible once we reviewed the slowed-down footage.

Why was Keba zesting an orange? It was to flavor his home made waffles, which we also captured him making. To know when we release the short documentary, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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