Hungry Village Summertime Slow Motion

San Francisco Summertime Super Slow Motion (Sony FS700)

We went out with our cameras on a warm summer day, mainly to play with the super slow motion on our Sony FS700. We walked down 18th Street in the Mission, which houses a wealth of amazing places like Delfina, Bi-Rite, Farina, Tartine, and Dolores Park Cafe, all in a one block stretch.

It really wasn’t until we hit Bi-Rite Creamery and saw footage of people eating their ice cream when the concept of this video gelled. We supplemented the footage of the Mission with shots taken around lunchtime on the Embarcadero.

Since this was shot over maybe two hours  over two days in two neighborhoods, this isn’t supposed to be in any way representative of San Francisco or our food culture. It’s just a little thing we did for fun. It’s not high art, to be sure. Just real moments of real enjoyment, eating outside in the sunshine. In slow motion. Get some.

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