Gianni's North Beach

North Beach Old and New – Promotional Italian Food Documentary from San Francisco

In Jeff’s early video days, he did a short video on a friend and co-worker John Mola, also known as Mola and as Gianni of Gianni’s North Beach. A long-time resident of SF with vocal opinions–hey, he’s originally from Jersey–and a long history with the Italian American neighborhood of North Beach, Mola was the perfect subject for a short video about the neighborhood. He took Jeff around, talked about his old world lifestyle when it comes to food and schooled him on things Italian American in the NB. This video got enough attention when it was released that Jeff and Gianni decided to join forces and create Hungry Village 1.0. Their first show was the very successful Gianni’s North Beach.

Jeff  shot the footage on a Canon T2i pretty much winging it as he went along. We’ve since become more sophisticated in our gear and planning and know how and such, but after watching this video, you kinda realize that storytelling pretty much trumps all of that. All hail to the storytellers.

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