Tuscan Black Kale

Gianni’s North Beach: Tuscan Black Kale

If you’re even vaguely aware of food trends, you know that kale’s been a thing. Everyone seems to have their own take on how best to cook this ridiculously good for you superfood, but we think that the latest episode of  Gianni’s North Beach shows one of the better ways to prepare it. Of course, we could be biased since we, uh, produce the show.

This episode was a lot of fun to shoot. It was our second shoot day working together as a crew, so things started to get more into the groove. Part of that was probably due to this awesome app Shot Lister. If you haven’t used it, it’s a pretty great piece of tech that obfuscates the printed excel spreadsheet with all the crossouts and notes you’ve been using to track your shots and stay on schedule. Shot Lister gives you a nice interface to manage all that and, since it’s on your device, it also gives you info about how behind or ahead (ya, right!) you are. It seriously kept us on track. Totally worth the $14.

On the gear side of things, our FS700 was camera A–notice that super slow mo vegetable washing at the beginning?–and our Canon 5D Mark III was camera B. Both used Canon 24-105mm L glass. As for other stuff, lights were Linco, tripod was Sachtler, slider was Konova, and slate was Pearstone.

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