Tortellini in Brodo

Gianni’s North Beach: Tortellini in Brodo

As you know, we produce Gianni’s North Beach, a hyper local cooking show based in SF’s traditionally Italian American neighborhood of North Beach. To make the production efficient, we of course produce multiple episodes when we shoot. So the same day we did cioppino, we also did tortellini in brodo.

It was also the first time the three of us were working together on set, so we also had to learn everyone’s unique style. Crazy day.

For this shoot, the A camera was our Sony FS700 armed with the Canon 24-105mm L. B camera for video but A for photography was our Canon 5D Mark III with a second 24-105mm L. Gianni has a tiny home kitchen, one of the soft boxes was “mounted” on top of the fridge. And by “mounted,” we really mean “placed precariously on top.” Yes, the inevitable happened, and one absent-minded trip to the fridge send the light crashing. No damage.

Final victory: One of the best things about shooting a cooking show is you get to sample what the cook makes. That tortellini was duh-licious.

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